Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations2023-12-07T18:32:24-08:00


Virtual Spec P71 Racing Series is an online wheel-to-wheel racing series designed as a fun way to get new drivers to experience the series as well as in-series drivers more practice for the upcoming series following the offseason.

Section A: Event Regulations


• Practice – 20min

• All drivers on course at same time

• Qualifying – 10min

• All drivers on course at same time

• Race – 2 x 15min

• Race 2 is Reverse Grid Order

Race Start Procedure

• Standing Start

• Start Jump Penalty = Drive through

Yellow Flags

• No Full Course Yellows, only Local

Section B: Racing Etiquette


• Bumping is allowed on straightaways only. and must be pushbar to rear bumper. If there is question on what is considered a straightaway please ask staff.

• No Bumping into braking zones

• No Bumping in any corners

Causing A Crash

• If you spin or cause another driver to go off course, you must wait for the driver you collided with or be given a time penalty equal to the extent of the crash.

Blue Flags

• If you receive the blue flag, please allow the faster car behind by ONLY when it is safe to do so.

Section C: Setup Changes


The Spec P71 Racing Series heavily limits what you are allowed to do setup wise to the car. Drivers will find that the following items will be locked in the setup for fairness reasons:

• Differential

• Drivers will choose Open Differential or LSD when they sign up for the series. This will be locked in for the whole year as an unchangeable item. Choose wisely!

• Gearing

• Drivers will choose 3.55 or 3.27 gearing when they sign up for the series. This will be locked in for the whole year as an unchangeable item. Choose wisely!

Section D: Livery Rules

In the spirit of the series, we know you will want to create a humorous livery that will garner attention. Please take a note of the following rules that must be abided by:

• No Political Statements or images of any kind. Not even Vermin Supreme whom we love dearly.

• No Religious Statements or images of any kind.

• No Racial, Sexual, Homophobic, Transphobic statements or images of any kind. These will result in an immediate removal from the serval and you will be ousted publicly.

• No personal attack statements towards a group or specific driver may be present on your livery.

• No Visually impairing decals may be placed anywhere on the glass of the vehicle. If it is found that the decals are causing a problem you will be asked to remove them.

Now that we’re through the don’ts here’s some of the can do’s!

• Parody or Police Liveries are encouraged

• Foul Language is permitted so long as it’s not anything that falls into the above don’ts. We’re all adults driving in this series, so adult humor is allowed.

• Innuendo Based liveries are permitted. Things of the nature like “Glizzy” or otherwise are fine. The livery just cannot be explicit.

• Anime/Waifu based liveries are all acceptable as long as there is no nudity

• You are not limited to the above, this is just a start!

If you are unsure, please feel free to just ask if something is acceptable. All cars will be vetted anyway before broadcast time.